Conor McGregor Camp Hires Hall-of-fame Referee to get More Comfortable With Boxing Rules

Conor McGregor is covering all bases before his August 26 fight against Floyd Mayweather. Having retired two-division world champion Paulie Malignaggi as one of his last training partners, McGregor field has apparently hired runner Joe Cortez to become more accustomed to unified Boxing rules.

Boxing Rules

In a recent interview with Helen Yee of NBC Sports, 73-year-old Cortez spoke in detail about his role in the Irish training camp.

“They were recruiting around an umpire to teach them the rules of arbitration – the unified rules – to make sure there are no mistakes made the night of the fight, when Floyd Mayweather fights on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena here at Las Vegas, “Cortez said. “Therefore, I am only instructing you on what is due and should not be done, to make sure you follow the rules on a tee.”

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Cortez will be working with McGregor for five more weeks, and so far, he has been impressed with what he has seen of “The Notorious” inside the Boxing Rules ring, strictly in accordance with Queensberry rules.

“We go from A to Z, it’s something that you do not learn overnight, but I’m quite impressed with your learning and he’s not a difficult guy to work with. Well that he is learning very fast. ”

As for McGregor’s skill set, Cortez offered an opposing viewpoint and believes that it will not be a one-sided affair, as opposed to most pre-fight evaluations.

“He’s a sharp guy who’s very athletic, has a lot of speed, has a lot of power, and I could tell you he’s going to be someone to count on,” Cortez said. “He’s not going to be an easy guy, he’s one of the best champions the UFC has had, and the MMA sport, so I’d say it brings a lot of activity, lots of action to the sport.”

“He’s going to be very competitive. I think he and Floyd are going to bring a lot to the game.”

Cortez, who was inducted into the International Boxing Rules Hall of Fame in 2011, has been the third man in the ring in a lot of high-profile Boxing Rules matches, including the controversial bout between Mayweather and Victor Ortiz.

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