Big Bets on McGregor tighten the odds in Las Vegas

The Big bets continue to make Conor McGregor do the unthinkable on August 26. When Mayweather-McGregor was first announced, bookmakers at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook opened with Mayweather as a favorite -2500, and McGregor a +1100 dog – but things would not stay that way for long.

Big bets

ESPN reports that most of the Big bets placed on the Westgate (93% of the tickets and 76% of the money) have been put on McGregor, with some Big bets on McGregor arriving yesterday.

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The Westgate allegedly took two low five-figure Big bets at McGregor at 500 a.m. yesterday afternoon, prompting the odds to the closest since the fight became official. That had McGregor sitting like a +425 dog and Mayweather as a -550 favorite. Players immediately jumped on those lower odds to put more money down on Mayweather, pushing the odds back to -600 for Mayweather and +450 for McGregor. It remains a stark contrast to the place where books were opened.

What you can get out of all this is that people are not only betting on a Conor McGregor winning with their mouths, they are actually opening their wallets for what would be a shocking, shocking (though not as surprising surprise for those who actually I think McGregor is going to win – and there are apparently a lot of them).

So good P.T. Barnum was right, or many people know something that apparently does not …

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